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Another OOC post


Alright... Now that the community's a little larger, there's some things I need to address. As someone that's RPed for years now, I've set some guidelines for RP that will help. Please take them into consideration.

1. Remain in character. Keep in mind that when you are posting as Suzee or Bova or Harlan or whomever, YOU ARE POSTING AS THAT CHARACTER. Not yourself. Leave your IRL personal vendettas/friendships/rivalries behind you. You can pick them up again when you log off.

2. Original Characters in RP are NOT the same as Mary Sues in fanfic, Mostly because the other characters involved have to make them who they are. I refuse to close the community because OCs are not 'accepted' by the IC cast. All of the feature characters except for Thelma are now taken, and I am not going to deny a Caser the opportunity to play a character in the Space Cases world because of closed-mindedness. If you have a problem with it, you can email me and I will further defend my position. Besides the fact that this is a Livejournal, and none of the characters (Save the crew of the Christa) are actually interacting here, refusing to respond to a character because it is an OC is rather childish. You know who you are; please, stop it.

3. If you have a character here, please try to comment in other characters' journals, at the very least. No one has had a problem with this yet, but it's no fun for the other characters when someone is sitting on a character they don't intend to play. I know this isn't the most hopping fandom on the planet, but it's still fun to interact. I also understand that there are time issues.

4. If you have a problem with the characters here (IE how they're played, respect, etc.) please email me (kirin-at-worldsaga-dot-net) or, for those that know my screen name, IM me. I will keep complaints in confidence, and do my best to solve the problem.



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