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On the Subject of Invisibility

It's kinda cool that Suzee and Radu have Livejournals... At least we can all communicate. Maybe others of the crew will take one as well. I really do miss them!

Anyway, I was talking to Radu today, and I realized that I'm going to be able to see and hear the crew as long as Suzee's around them, but... I won't be able to communicate with them. =;_;= Realizing that today... It kinda made me sad. I mean, being cut off from you all like I am now is one thing, but being able to stand right next to you and you not even realizing I'm there...? That's gonna be hard. Well, at first. I suppose I'll get used to it...

I dunno. I think Suzee might have been used to it because she didn't know the crew like I did... And I guess you tend to stay distant from people when they think you're imaginary. But the crew knows I'm real...

Maybe I'm just jealous. =>_>=
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