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The Crew of the Christa

A Virtual Team Room

(The Space Cases, the Misfits)
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This is an IC community for the crew of the Christa. It starts at the beginning of the second season and may or may not diverge from the events of the show. Have fun reading. ^_^

If you have a character here, please, PLEASE try to maintain it with at least replying to peoples' posts. Entries are definately part of the fun, and we encourage all participants to offer regular updates to the community. However, it's understandable that some people are busy, etc. If you don't feel like updating, perhaps it's your character that doesn't feel like updating? Making an entry about that could actually spark some interesting conversation!

All types of characters are welcome, as long as they somehow tie in with canon. For example, someone that ends up on the Christa as part of the crew is probably not acceptable. However, Suzee's sisters (Zoe and Krizten) are. So are 'friends' that happen to chance across the community. Everyone is welcome here. ^_^ If you have questions, leave a comment in lostsaturnian's journal.



Played Characters:

Suzee (geniussuzee)
Catalina (lostsaturnian)
Radu (radu386)
Bova (electricdoom)
Harlan (misterband)
Rosie (pinksunspot)
Davenport (tjdavenport)
Goddard (seth_goddard)
Elmira (psychicprincess)
Reaver (upp_pirate)
Zoe (prismacolored) - Original Character

Please respect the members list, and do not create a character that has already been taken. Minor characters are welcome.